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A case study of Canadian vocational education such as Georgi

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  【Abstract】This paper introduce effectiveness of case teaching and soft skilling of Canada Vocational education.Georgian College as a example is analyzed.We could study Canadian vocational education,and get great progress in future.
  【Key words】vocational education; teaching case; soft skill
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  In the process of teaching in Georgian College,pay attention to the applicability of teaching methods to students.For example,pay attention to case teaching、critical thinking、CO-OP program、emotional intelligence、Employment,skills、GROW,etc We believe that these specific methods and practices are of great significance.
  2.Effectiveness analysis of teaching case of Georgian College
  Case teaching effect of Georgian College is very good.Georgia College use the case teaching method as a tool to enable students to undertake specific mission with the guidance of teachers in the situation which starting from the training objectives.Teacher analyse the case,give them a chance in decision-making or implementation of the role to analyze problems.In our college,because application of case teaching of higher vocational education is difficult,we should study the training objectives,case selection,scientific use of this tool.First,Through study,determine whether this major could professionally use the method of case teaching.Second,select some curriculum to apply method of case teaching.Third,the department or group as a unit,research the curriculum,to decide which sections use the application of case teaching,or which cases could be used.To do so,We can prevent the herd blindly,and achieve to purpose by carry out a comprehensive plan.
  Case teaching method is a kind of advanced teaching method in higher vocational education.The advantages of case teaching in training st.Firstly,the case teaching method can not completely replace the traditional teaching method,the traditional teaching method is still indispensable.Because knowledge coherence is strong,it is very important for some courses.Secondly that case teaching method and situational simulation,such as on-site observation,experimental implementation,practice,practice methods,are easy to realize the goal of training requirements of each role.The actual scenario focuses on cultivating students' Work skills and adaptability to working environment;let the students watch the scene nearly,experience the situation,do experiment and practice,mainly to cultivate students' practical skills.In the teaching of higher vocational education,starting from the teaching objective,comprehensive use of various teaching methods,let them work with each other,learn from each other,to play the role of work.


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